Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

I have created a new Alarm Template using V5.xx style Text Objects to Display the current Alarm info.  During Runtime no alarms get displayed and we get the following Hardware Alarm 

"Wrong type for text display AnXX".

Also AlarmDsp() or AlarmDspLast() does not work on a Cicode Object with an animation Number greater than 300.


There are now 2 significant restriction when displaying Alarm in version 5.

First, you can not use V5.xx style Objects to display Alarm info, only Cicode objects and Raw ANs.  Using V5.xx object will cause the "Wrong type for text display AnXX" hardware and no alarm info will be displayed at runtime.

Secondly, the functions AlarmDsp() & AlarmDspLast() are linked to the [Animator]MaxAn parameter which has a default value of 300, this can be increased to 1999, which then means the maximum AN you can display alarm information on is 1999.