Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

I have defined a keyboard command in my project using the BS (Backspace) keyboard key, and it is not working! 

There is a Backspace (BS) keyboard command predefined in the Include project, which calls the function KeyBS().  This means that when the BS key is pressed, it acts like a backspace (i.e.. it removes the last key from the key command line).

The BS command cannot be overridden by configuring another command in your project.  This is because the keyboard command in the Include project is a 'hotkey' command (you don't want the BS key to be placed in the key command line as the command will not be executed).

To create a new BS keyboard command in your project, the BS keyboard command in the Include project must be deleted.

Note: Your changes to the Include project will be lost when you reinstall Citect or upgrade to a new version.