Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.21

When I use ^t or ^v in the Citect.INI with DefSumFmt or DefDspFmt, the characters are visible.  

DefSumFmt and DefDspFmt are used if all of your alarm display formats are the same.  You can set your alarm display format once in this parameter (instead of repeating the format many times in the Alarm Categories database).  You would then save memory and increase the performance of your project.

The parameters are inserted into the Citect.INI under the [Alarm] section.

Do not use the formatting characters ^t, use normal tabs. eg.

DefSumFmt={ONTIME,8} {OFFTIME,8} {AREA,4} {TAG,10} {NAME,22}{SUMDESC,22}
DefDspFmt={DESC,12} {TIME,11} {TAG,16}