Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

I am upgrading Citect versions so I manually zipped up all the project files, loaded the new version of Citect, created a project, then unzipped the files into the folder.

I set the citect.ini parameter to force an upgrade and restarted Citect but it does not work.  A .ctz is a zip file so why didn't this work?


Between versions of Citect there are adjustments made to the contents of the DBF files as new enhancements are implemented.

It is the Citect Restore process which makes the necessary adjustments to the file structure as a previous version .ctz is read into the files in the project.

Manually loading zipped files misses out on this vital adjustment step. Running the upgrade process against files with the wrong internal structure produces unpredictable results.

If you only have a manually zipped file of a project available, reload the original version of Citect, create a project, then manually restore the files. If all appears to be functioning then you can make a backup to produce a Citect .ctz file. Load the new version of Citect then restore the .ctz file.

Using Citect's backup and restore facilities is the only way you can upgrade a project between versions.