Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

I installed the controller link card and setup the controller link software. I am having problems with both of them

1. the PLC C200HE module has a flashing red ERR led (freq about 1Hz) as well as the steady green RUN led.

2. the controller link software isn't working. In the Windows event log there are error events:

"Invalid Access to Board RAM. 1) mismatch RAM Address between Hard Setting and Driver Config. 2) bad configuration on PC's Bus. 3) Board is absent. 4)

Board trouble."

3. If I try & start the CLK_UNIT0 service manually from the control panel | Services applet, I get the error message "The system could not find the environment option that was entered"


1. Uninstall the FinsGateway, delete folder/registry settings & reboot.

2. CLK card when not connected to a PLC just has the green RUN LED on.

3. Run setup.exe, FinsServerNT then reboot.

4. PLC node=x, connect PLC to PC, power up PLC, the PLC module has green RUN LED on, red ERR LED flashing at 1Hz, the CLK21 module has green RUN LED on, orange TER LED on, the PC CLK card is unchanged (has green RUN LED on).

5. Run CLK network config, example: IRQ=10, RAM address=D0000

6. Run Service Manager, start CPU_UNIT service, start CLK_UNIT0 service ensure it is now working.

7. Run Network Navigator, confirm 0 | Local( NodeID 1, Unit 17) | ControllerLink, click Apply.

8. Run Network Tester, set PeerAdr to 0.x.0, click Start, response OK, set 0.0.x, click Start, response OK, set Send Times to Infinite, recheck both

PeerAdr's, both OK (ie received msgs clicking over without error).

9. PC CLK card now has orange INS LED on as well as green RUN LED on, the PLC CLK21 module also has orange INS LED on as well has green RUN LED on, orange TER LED on.