Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

When a remote dial in device calls the Citect I/O server, it establishes a connection but the Citect driver does not seem to know which comm port to use in this situation? How do you configure Citect for this feature? 

The Citect I/O devices form has the following fields (for either application of remote dial in or dial out) use this as a guide;

1. Sheduled:

This field is set to "True".

2. Time & Period:

You must configure a time & period, if you do not intend to dial out to the remote device then you can make this sufficiently large so as to prevent dialing the device during otherwise normal operating periods.

3. Connect Action and Disconnect Action:

Connect action will run after the device has been put on-line but before the device driver requests data from the unit. Disconnect action will run after the device driver has stopped. Treat the cicode as foreground Cicode and do not run your functions in a new task, using tasknew() to read or write to tags.

4. Telephone Number:

You must enter a telephone number. If you do not have a telephone number then the Citect driver will not output any data on the com port when the remote device dials in and connects to the Citect I/O server.

5. Caller ID:

Use any ASCII text in this field, eg "sys", when it is sent to the I/O server, it will be received in the form "cit<sys>" with cit< and > delimiting the string.