Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

SCSI communication using semAPI driver with Elsag Bailey Infi 90 installation guide. 

The semAPI driver supports communication to the Bailey Infi90 network through the Elsag Bailey semAPI runtime. Presently the semAPI runtime supports communication to the Infi90 network using serial (RS-232C) and SCSI connections.

This guide has been tested using Windows NT V4.0.



Citect for Windows, Version 5.21

Bailey semAPI driver, User information and design document (13/06/00 or later)



  • Adaptec SCSI Card 2940U or any other suitable card
  • Bailey Infi 90 INICI03A Computer Interface (Consisting of INNIS01, INICT03 and IMMPI01 Modules)



  • Bailey semAPI Version 2.1 or later Runtime Kit (with semAPI Sentinel Dongle) supplied by Elsag Bailey
  • Citect semAPI Driver Build 2000_09_07B ( B2) or later:



                        Additions to Protdir.dbf

                        Additions to Proterr.dbf

  • Adaptec SCSI card 2940U driver or any other suitable card driver




  • Setup Bailey INNIS01 and INICT03A modules as per the Citect for Windows, Version 5.21 Bailey semAPI driver, User information and design. (13/06/00 or later)
  • Install modules and all required termination cards
  • If there is more than one INICI03A Computer Interface in the system, then each must have a unique SCSI identity number. (Address 7 is for the adapter, Usually start at address 6 and work down if there are more than one)
  • Attach semAPI Sentinel Dongle after the Citect Sentinel Dongle on the Host computer's parallel port.

Adaptec SCSI card 2940U

The user installing the card must have administrative privileges on the host computer

  • Shutdown Host computer
  • Install SCSI interface card
  • Restart computer
  • From the Windows NT Control Panel, select SCSI Adapters and install the appropriate driver for the SCSI interface card (this is typically provided with on a 31/2 floppy disk or CD).
  • Shutdown computer
  • Attach a SCSI cable between the Bailey IMMPI01 module and the host computer's SCSI adaptor.
  • Restart the computer
  • While the computer is starting, when the Adaptec bios prompt is displayed enter the key combination control/A to enter the card's bios configuration.
  • Under the card's Advanced Configuration options
  • disable "Reset SCSI Bus at IC Initialization" (if this is enabled the Bailey module will go to error mode when computer is booting up. This can only be corrected by physically resetting the INICI03A)
  • After making the required changes to the Adaptec bios, you will be prompted to restart the host computer.
  • During host computer startup, the Adaptec SCSI interface card will display all SCSI devices attached to the SCSI chain. If the Bailey INICI03A is found, you will notice the message 'Bailey: <SCSI ID number>'.

Alternatively you may verify this after entering Windows NT by opening the SCSI adaptors control panel applet and navigating to the card. All SCSI devices attached to the adaptor's SCSI chain will be displayed.

Bailey semAPI software

The user installing the semAPI device service must have administrative privileges on the host computer

  • From the semAPI Runtime Kit CD (Version 2.1) or later, install the software.
  • Perform a custom installation and select everything (ensuring under Windows NT that under custom the semAPI service is selected)
  • Run the License Entry program, the software key and other information must be keyed exactly the same as it is printed on the Bailey software key license form and is case sensitive.
  • From the Elsag Bailey program group on the Windows Menu start ICIConf, the semAPI ICI configuration utility. Follow instructions on page 3 of the Citect for Windows, Version 5.21 Bailey semAPI driver, User information and design, document.
  • Install the semAPI device driver as a service on the computer from a Command Prompt by executing the following command line:

<semAPI RunTime install location\semAPI\winnt\exe\deviceasservice.exe -i DD_S??? >(where ??? represents the SCSI ID of the INICI03A)

  • Check that the service has been installed correctly by opening the Windows NT control panel applet 'Services'. If the service has been correctly installed, a service named DD_S??? (as configured above) will be listed.

Citect semAPI drivers

  • Install the semAPI driver
  • Paste the following files into the Citect\Bin directory:



  • Merge: Additions to Protdir.dbf and Protdir.dbf

                        Additions to Proterr.dbf and Proterr.dbf

In the Citect\Bin directory

Once the driver is built into the driver pack (this will be done automatically)

Citect project

  • In the existing Citect project which is being upgraded to use the semAPI driver, modify the communications forms as stated on page 5 of Citect for Windows, Version 5.21 Bailey semAPI driver, User information and design (13/06/00 or later)

Hints, tips and reminders

  • Each INICI01/03 Computer interface must have a unique SCSI ID number, even if on separate machines, ie
  • Citect1 - SCSI ID 6
  • Citect2 - SCSI ID 5
  • Citect3 - SCSI ID 4
  • Remember to disable the "Reset SCSI Bus at IC Initialization" in the SCSI bios
  • If using Bailey semAPI Upgrade software be sure to use the Upgrade Software keys to the same version of the Runtime.
  • When installing the semAPI software keys, they must be keyed exactly the same as they are printed on the software key form and is case sensitive.
  • If you are having difficulties and everything appears to be configured correctly or there are some weird things happening, uninstall all the software including the service by using deviceasservice -u DD_S00? From the dos prompt. And reinstall from the beginning.
  • The SCSI cable must be connected before restarting the host computer.