Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.21

Our project uses popups of 60 pixels in width, in versions up to and including 5.21 SpkB this was not a problem, now popup windows look very odd with extra space, because they were so small in the past. Even included super-genie popup exhibit the same problem. What is the reason for this?

Evidently the minimum page width, of 132 pixels is a windows limitation and it is not scheduled for a service pack revision. V5.21 spkB the minimum popup size was changed. This change makes Citect compliant as per the MS Windows "programming standard" and will reduce the chance of related problems occurring in the future.

The readme for Citect now states;

Minimum page sizes. If a page is smaller than a minimum width then it may appear corrupted. This minimum width comes from the fact that windows have a minimum width of 132 pixels. The minimum page width is equal to 132 - 2 * <border width>. <border width> depends on the window mode being used. The table below gives minimum page widths.

WinNewAt mode Border Size Minimum Page Width

0 = Normal window 4 124

4 = No resize 3 126

8 = No icons 3 126

16 = No caption 1 130

If the page is smaller than this size it will now display correctly with the page left aligned and the extra area on the right filled in with the colour specified by;

(0-255) This defaults to 7 (grey).

This should only be used for existing pages that cannot be redrawn. All new pages should be wider than these minimum widths.