Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA: New Installations on prebundled machines

On a new installation of citect, performed on a prebundled computer, the opening of readme files after installation can initiate requests for software updates from CD-ROM.

On the computer where this was first encountered the prebundled software included Windows 98 edition 2 with Microsoft Works and desktop shortcuts to Word2000. MS Works was removed and Microsoft Office 97 Professional was installed. Citect was then loaded ready for use.

The apparently spurious request for software upgrade when opening the readme file is a result of the prebundling of the software on the machine setting the ".doc" association defaults to Word2000. Installation of a previous version of the software does not reconfigure the settings in the registry.

As a workaround you can open the editor installed, then load the text file, or you can install the software requested to complete the prebundling installation. This means that you should always take the installation CD-ROM's to site when installing new machines.

CI's engineering practise, aimed at ensuring reliable installations for industrial use, is to format the disk then to load from scratch the versions of software needed. This removes the problems of unknown software settings existing in the prebundled software setup.