Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

In order to utilise DNP time-stamping, I have configured my Citect project as specified in the help, but my time-stamped DNP events are not being processed.

I am using leading zeros in the point index of my tag addresses.


When the driver receives a time-stamped event, it needs to determine the tag(s) associated with the event.  It does this by determining the address field of the tag that would be associated with this event, from the Object, Variation and Index.  This algorithm assumes that the address does not use any leading zeros for the point index (eg BI1.Val not BI00001.Val).  If you wish to use leading zeros, then you must consistently use the same padding width for all relevant addresses, and you must also define this padding width with the INI parameter "[DNP] AddressPaddingWidth".  The default is 0 (ie no padding).  This mechanism will not truncate the index to the specified digits, it will only pad leading zeros if required. Eg for a point index of 12 : 0 => 12, 1 =>12, 2 =>12, 3 => 012, 4 => 0012, etc.

This INI parameter is available in version 1.03.02 of the driver (or later).