Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.30

After you insert the ActiveX control 'DB Grid Control' (filename DBGRID32.OCX) into a page in Graphics Builder, you will receive error messages or faults accessing some of the tabs on the 'Appearance' properties page.

In Windows NT/2000, if you press the Font tab you will receive a message advising:

        The ActiveX control 'DB Grid Control' is conflicting with Citect

        and may produce unreliable results.

        It is strongly recommended that you remove this ActiveX control from the

        page, save the page and then close and restart Citect Explorer to avoid

        further problems.

In Windows 9x/ME, if you press any one of most of the tabs you will receive a system message advising that an 'invalid page fault' has occurred in USER.EXE.


The ActiveX control 'DB Grid Control' (filename DBGRID32.OCX) works in a manner that is not compatible with Citect Graphics Builder. You should use an alternative control such as 'Microsoft DataGrid Control, Version 6.0' (filename MSDATGRD.OCX) in your application.

This fault cannot be reproduced reliably - Ci Technologies will allocate resources to resolve this problem based on customer feedback.