Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

I would like to display trends with different end times on the same graph. I used the TrnSetTime(An,Pen,Time) function to move an individual pen, but it doesn't work. 

TrnSetTime does work for individual pens, but the end time of the Trend Graph does not change. TrnSetTime() will not allow you to set the end time for an individual pen to be less than it currently is. It will however, allow you to set the end time of an individual pen to be greater than it currently is (but no greater than the current time). Therefore, you will need to move all the pens back in time and then move individual pens forwards.

To see the end times for the different trend pens, use the Compare Trend Template. This allows you to create trend pages with two trends - one overlaid on the other.