Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.xx, 4.xx, 5.xx

I am getting a hardware alarm and driver error, Address is out of range, 0x11000 in Citect. What is the solution for this? 

If you see this driver error appearing in the main kernel window or when doing a driver debug, similar to the log below;

Thu Feb 10 16:51:46 2000 03:17:24.376 Transmit-SEND_ACK-NULLDCB Length 2

10 06 ..

Thu Feb 10 16:51:46 2000 03:17:24.376 Error: Address is out of range

READ 0001 PORT1_BOARD1 IODev ST7:20 1

Generic 000001 Driver 00069632 (0x00011000)

You will find that for the actual variable being requested, in this case ST7:20, the file may either not exist in the PLC or the Data file size is too small in the plc. Citect may be requesting more elements than actually exist in the file. The solution is to increase the Data file size in the PLC (using RSLogix) beyond that which Citect is requesting.