Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

The current version of the Omfins driver V2.04.01 will not go online to the plc if a plc remote rack is disconnected or offline. Is there a fix for this situation? 

The Omfins driver has been modified so that it will now go online when a remote rack is disconnected. Omfins driver version V2.04.04 and later will be able to go online if a citect.ini parameter IgnoreNonFatalError=1 is set.

The same parameter will also control the state of the driver while Citect is running. That is, while Citect is running and the remote rack is disconnected, the driver will remain online if the parameter IgnoreNonFatalError=1. If IgnoreNonFatalError=0 then Citect will show #COM and the driver will be put offline.

For example,