Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

How can I use the Siemens CP1613 card and Citect TINECT/SINEC driver to connect to Siemens Industrial Ethernet H1-TF? 

The CP1613 module from Siemens (replacement card for the ISA based CP1413TF card) is a PCI card. It uses the Siemens 1613-TF library and is configured in the same way as the CP1413 card when using the TINEC/SINEC driver. Refer to the Citect Help or other KB articles on setup instructions requirements.

To use the CP1613 card with the TINEC driver (or the SINEC), you will need the software "1613-TF" from Siemens. You MUST also copy the file "Stf_Conf.dat" file into the Citect\Bin folder. This file is generated by the Siemens 1613-TF installation program and is usually located in the folder "\SIEMENS\SIMATIC.NET\TF1613.nt\Tf\Sample". Without this file, the TINEC driver cannot form a connection to the Siemens TF library.

The readme file for the CP1613 directs that the file "Stf_Conf.dat" needs to be in the same folder as the calling application - in this case, the Citect\Bin folder when using the TINEC driver and the 1613-TF library. This is required when using WinNT4.0 and Win2000 only. The file Stf_conf.dat contains all the necessary settings for the TF library and the TINECT driver to form a connection.

Below is a copy of the Stf_Conf.dat file. If you cannot find this file on your computer, copy the following entries into a text file and rename the file to Stf_Conf.dat.


/* Copyright (C) Siemens AG 2000 All Rights Reserved */


/* PROJECT: TF-1613/Windows NT */

/* TITLE: Configuration File */

/* VERSION: 2.0 */

/* FILE NAME: stf_conf.dat */

/* LAST MODIFICATION: 19.04.00 */


SCP_device = /CP_H1_1:/AP /* AP device path name */

model_name = PC_1 /* model name obtained by identify! */

auto_rsp_conc = TRUE /* automatic response for conclude */

auto_dom_serv = FALSE /* automatic domain server capability!*/

with_var_spec = TRUE /* specification_with_result (tf_read)*/

max_mess_recv = 1 /* max. messages to be received once */

max_appl_rel = 40 /* max. application relations */

max_server_id = 3 /* max. server identifications */

max_download = 1 /* max. simultaneous download */

max_upload = 1 /* max. simultaneous upload */

shareable = TRUE /* this default value is used only if */

/* additional_info is not specified! */


/* Copyright (C) Siemens AG 2000 All Rights Reserved */