Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

I encounter the error; "This application uses Ctl3d32.dll, which is not the correct version. This version of Ctl3d32.dll is designed only for Windows NT systems".

When I hit OK it runs up the Citect explorer.

Or you may encounter, "Error Starting:CTEDIT32.EXE. One of the library files needed to run this application cannot be found". Citect will not run at all.

What causes this and how do I prevent the error?


This behaviour can occur if an incorrect version of the Ctl3d32.dll file is installed on your computer. The version of Ctl3d32.dll in the file | properties is always referred to as 2.31.000. You must refer to the file date/size to determine the correct version of the file. Citect installs the correct version for the operating system that it is installed on, however if you find that Citect will not run without the above error, after installing other applications, then you may need to contact Citect Support to obtain a working copy of the file.

Ctl3d32.dll is a 32-bit system file that some applications use to give parts of the program's user interface a 3-D appearance. Some install programs may detect and delete this file.

If you encounter this problem while trying to run the Citect Explorer, that requires the Ctl3d32.dll file, you must restore the file to the Windows\System folder. If Citect runs on another machine, you can copy the file from that PC.