Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

When trying to sort and filter my alarms I have found the following results:

If I use AlarmSetInfo(AN, 8, 0) to sort the alarm list by categories, then I could filter this alarm list by groups or categories.

If I use AlarmSetInfo(AN, 8, 1) to sort the alarm list by priorities, then I could NOT filter this alarm list by groups or categories.

What is wrong?


The AlarmSetInfo(<AN>,<Type>,<Value>) function is used to change various alarm list display settings. When <Type> 8 is used, it sets the alarm list display mode to either Categories (<Value> = 0) or Priorities (<Value> = 1). Once you have set the mode you may then use AlarmSetInfo() again to filter. Note, however, that these modes are exclusive. If the alarm list is currently in Category mode, you may use AlarmSetInfo with <Type> 2 and a <Value> of a single alarm category or values in a Group of alarm categories. If instead you are in Priority mode, then <Type 2> does not apply and instead you may use AlarmSetInfo() with <Type 7> to filter the alarm priorities, NOT the alarm categories.


AlarmSetInfo(21,8,0) ! set alarm Category mode

AlarmSetInfo(21,2,3) ! display category 3 alarms

AlarmSetInfo(21,2,GrpOpen(AlarmCat1,0)) ! display alarms in Categories defined in Group AlarmCat1

AlarmSetInfo(21,8,1) ! set alarm Priority mode

AlarmSetInfo(21,7,3) ! display Priority 3 alarms

AlarmSetInfo(21,7,GrpOpen(AlarmPri1,0)) ! display alarms in Priorities defined in Group AlarmPri1

Please refer to Cicode Reference or Citect Online Help for information on AlarmSetInfo() & GrpOpen().

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