Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 4.xx, 5.xx

Is Citect compatible with Microsoft Terminal Server or Citrix? 

You should only run a Citect Client under the Terminal Server. You should never run a Citect Server under Terminal server as you would get a clash with PLC hardware or network server connections. The Citect client is compatible with Microsoft Terminal Server.

The recommend architecture is to run all you Citect Servers on non Terminal Server computers. Then set-up a Citect client to run on the Terminal Server. Only the first Client running on the Terminal Server will get access to the local hardware key. If you only want to run one client at a time and have a single user key you should install that key on the terminal server computer. If you want to run more than one Citect client on terminal server, then install your multi user Citect key on one of you Citect Servers. This will allow many instances of the Citect clients to get licences from the remote Servers.

So Citect multi user keys are not compatible with Terminal Server. Multi user keys will work, but Citect will only use one licence from that key, making the other licences unavailable. So you should put your multi user keys on computers which are not running Terminal Servers and access those keys over the Citect network.