Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

I am having trouble getting Citect communicating with my PLC. I see this in my syslog file;

Mon Mar 26 10:49:13 2001 00:13:40.818 Error: Channel offline, cannot talk

READ 0015 PORT1 Plc99 S3854 48

Generic 000021 Driver 00000020 (0x00000014)

I seem to get some response from the device then this happens, I know I have a good card in my PC.


It seems that Citect has initialised the card in the PC, (Initialised the Channel) and tried to then initialise communications with the PLC. Then the above error occurred. The driver error 0x014 is a generic error that means the communications "Channel" is off-line, in this case a board driver has encountered a problem. See Q1998.

The problem is that the card in the PC is in conflict with another device. Some PCs have on-board sound cards and network adaptors. The resources used by these may conflict with the settings on the propriety card that we installed into our PC.

For example the above error occurred when a Square D Sylink card was installed into a new PC where both the sound card and the Sylink card were set up to use interrupt 5. Disable the on-board sound card in the PC BIOS and then the PLC communications will then work.