Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

Under Windows we installed a Printer with a Generic (Text only) driver, we transmit raw ASCII code to a printer so that we can produce labels that change from time to time. To print original Data to the device I cannot use PRINTER_DEV in Type, why?

The differences between a Printer_Dev and a Ascii_Dev are;

1. The "ASCII_DEV" device can use the following cicode functions that you can not use with the "PRINTER_DEV";


Appends a blank record to the end of a device.

DevClose Closes a device.
DevControl Controls a dBASE or SQL device.
DevDelete Deletes the current record in a database device.
DevDisable Disables (and re-enables) a device from any access.
DevEOF Checks for the end of a file.
DevFind Finds a record in a device.
DevFirst Finds the first record in a device.
DevGetField Gets field data from the current record.
DevHistory Renames a device file and any subsequent history files.
DevNext Gets the next record in a device.
DevPrev Gets the previous record in a device.
DevRead Reads characters from a device.
DevReadLn Reads a line of characters from a device.
DevRecNo Gets the current record number of a device.
DevSeek Moves to any record in a device.
DevSetField Sets new field data in the current record.
DevZap Zaps a device.


2. A PRINTER_DEV does not necessarily output ASCII data.

3. A Device configured as Filename "LPT1:" and Type "Printer_Dev" will not print line by line in real time.