Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.21

When upgrading a Citect V5.21 system on Windows 98 to Windows 2000 I could not get the Allen Bradley 1784-KTX card (for DH+ network access) to work either from RSLinx or from Citect. 

This was a complicated problem with a number of different aspects to it. First, the KTXDIAG.EXE which will test the card under Win NT and supposedly Win 2000, works successfully. However when attempting to configure the KTX driver under RSLinx the following message appears \"Unable to open the device because the process map object could not be created\".

This is because the KTX card clashes with the ACPI Power Management device. This needs to be modified first. Rockwell Automation Knowledge Base article P8598 - "Can't Configure the 1784-KTX Successfully in Windows 2000" deals with this issue.

Once this procedure has been followed RSLinx should now work. If RSLinx is stopped and Citect started it will fail with the following error 

"cannot allocate memory, interrupt board \'KTXBoard\' at address ...".

If you now reboot the machine Citect should run but RSLinx will no longer work. RSLinx will actually display the same error message as previously. What is now happening is the Citect KTX driver (WinRT) is clashing with the RSLinx driver for the card. It is possible to stop and start this driver/service from the Win 2000 computer management tool.

Once again this is not obvious but the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article describes the process.

- How to View Non-Plug and Play Legacy Drivers in Windows 2000.

You can now stop Citect and then the WinRT service to run RSLinx and then restart both to use Citect.