Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

I tried to add two graphical items to an existing page, the variable tags existed and the graphics edited onto a page. When compiled Citect reported errors saying "Tag not found". I re-entered the tags but still no good, frustrated and out of time I deleted the two graphics and compiled the project. The next day I put the graphics back on and compiled with no problems. I then did some more work on the page and the same thing happened. But if I deleted the graphics, recompiled the project, installed the graphics and compiled, then the project it worked fine. What is going wrong? 

This abnormal software behaviour was traced to stray .inf files left in the project directory when MS Access had been used to manually edit some of Citect's internal DBase configuration files. These .inf files contained entries, spurious to Citect, describing the location of MS Access created index files. The ODBC software components underlying Citect recognise these .inf files and may use them at inappropriate times causing erratic behaviour in Citect. The "Tag not found" errors were most likely due to the wrong index being used.

If you encounter erratic behaviour you can try the following:

delete all .inf files in the project directories, delete all .ndx files. pack each project, then recompile. These steps fixed the reported problem.