Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

When using the WinSize function to extend the size of a window in run time, the window is extended to the left hand side. I want it to extend to the right hand side to show more of the page that I have defined in the Graphics Builder. 

WinSize will only extend the window properly to the size defined in the Graphics Builder. If you have extra data on the right hand side of a page that you will normally want hidden you will need to:

1. Define the page size in Graphics Builder to be the maximum size you will ever want for this page.

2. On Page Entry call WinSize (or equivalent) to resize the window down to whatever portion of the window is desired.

To avoid the user seeing the window flashed up in it's original size before it is reduced, open the window at coordinates that are off the screen (eg -500, -500), then use the WinMove function to reduce the window and bring it back into view.