Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

How do I use user events in the Alarm Summary page?

The AlarmSumAppend() function can be used to append a new blank record to the alarm summary.

You can use this function to add new alarm summary entries, either for actual alarms or as special user summary entries. If you specify a valid alarm tag in the sTag field, the summary entry is linked to the actual alarm. If you specify an asterisk '*' as the first letter of the tag, the summary entry becomes a user event.

If you use user events then there are several limitations:

  • User events do no get logged to the (alarm) summary log
  • AlarmSumSet(Index, sField, sData) does not work for user events when you want to use the OnMilli and OffMilli fields.
  • AlarmSumGet(Index, sField) does not work for user events when you want to use the AckDate, OnDate, OffDate, OnMilli and OffMilli fields.
  • A user event has no category assigned to it. So you can not filter them per category.

Solution for these limitations is to use create a 'dummy alarm' in Citect, and then append that real alarm to the alarm summary list. You could for example give that dummy alarm tag the tag name 'user event', and even make several dummy alarm tags for all desired categories of user events and give them all the same alarm tag name 'user event'. Then the above mentioned limitations are no longer there. Of course the OnMilli and OffMilli fields are only valid if you use a (dummy) time-stamped alarm.