Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.31

I get the following error

Channel offline, cannot talk;
Thu May 17 11:28:47 2001 01:14:26.336
    Citect Startup 5.31 Rev. 00
Thu May 17 11:28:49 2001 01:14:27.891 Error:
    Channel offline, cannot talk
CINIT 0015 PORT1_BOARD1 ti 16
Generic 000021 Driver 00000020 (0x00000014)

I have read the article Q3173 but there is no hardware conflict in my PC, what is the cause of the problem?


If you have turned on tcpip debugging then you will notice the following error on start up;

ERROR winsock reported Unknown winsock error # 10106

for your port. The problem is a filename conflict. You must rename the file, ICMP.DLL in the Citect\Bin folder (for example rename the file to CTICMP.DLL).

Your ethernet connected devices should now communicate correctly.