Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.30

I get the following compile error;

Field: FILE
Table: C:\Citect\Bin\PROTDIR.DBF
Error: String Expected
Context: {}

If I hit goto it pops up another form with all blank fields on it, Tag, File, Bit Block, MAx Length, Options, etc. What causes this and how do I fix it?


Open the relevant dbase file in Citect, in this case it is the "Protdir.dbf" file in the Citect\Bin folder (as specified in the compile error "table" field). You can use MS Excel for this. Also open the file "Save_dbf.xls" in the same excel sheet (enable macros) also in the Citect\Bin folder.

Now delete the first black record at the top of the database table. Right click anywhere in the table then click the "save/close dbf" option.

The Dbase file should now be repaired and the compiler should not generate the above error.