Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.31

We've just upgraded our project from 5.01 to 5.31 and when we startup Citect runtime we get the error:

Archiving initialisation failure: Unspecified error when the trend server is starting up. What could be wrong?


Basically what happened is that Citect only supports Trend tag names of 16 characters but the customer had wanted longer trend tag names so they manually went in and increased the field width size for the trend.dbf file in 5.01. It has always been our policy to advise customers that while they may do this there is no guarantee that there will not be problems in future versions should they upgrade. This is what has happened here. Citect 5.31 does not like it when you have trend tag names greater than 31 characters and this is what is causing the startup error. You can still save your current trend data by doing the following:

- Rename the trend name to be less than 32 characters in length and also turn on extended forms and in the 'File Name' field put the long file name (ie.[Data]:EPS_PlantWater_DischargePressure) . The 'File Name' field will accept this fine but the trend name will not.