Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

I have various pages which I would like to display at different locations on the screen at Citect runtime. I would like to find the size of a page without having the page being open and displayed at the time. Citect has a function to display the width and the height of a page after opening the page but not before the page being displayed. How can this be achieved? 

A new function PageFileInfo(sNamePage, nMode) has been added to return the width and the height of a page without the page having to be displayed at the time. PageFileInfo(sPageName, nMode) returns the page width or height of sPageName depending on the value of nMode. Mode 0 returns the page width, and mode 1 returns the height of the page. The page size returns the width and the height of the page in pixels.

To find the Width or height of a specific page, your function should look something like:

width = PageFileInfo("mypage", 0) ;

height = PageFileInfo("mypage", 1);

This enhancement has been added in version 5.30.