Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.3x

We have Citect running as an IDC Server and all the IDC Clients are downloading the Standard.CTT file. This causes the IDC clients to take a long time to start up because the Standard.CTT file is 12 Mb in size. What is causing this and how can we prevent this? The Example project does not cause the file to be downloaded. 

The Standard.CTT file is a template file for all templates supplied with Citect and that is the reason it is so large. The reason the IDC client is downloading it is for the startup splash screen. You can get around this problem by creating a page in your own project that is named 'Startup'. This new page will be used as the splash screen. If you do not want to create your own splash screen and would like to use the standard splash screen just do the following:

- In the Graphics Builder under Tools | Options turn on the 'List System Pages' option.

- Go to File | Open and select the include project and open the page called '!Startup'.

- Go to File | Save As and save the page into your project as the name 'Startup'. You can not name it '!Startup' because the compiler does not allow duplicate page names.

When Citect starts up it will look for a page in your project called 'Startup'. If it does not find that page then it uses the '!Startup' page from the Include project.