Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

Existing Citect KB articles Q2536 and Q2827 state that the Citect OPC driver does not support Arrays or OPC DA2 (Data Access 2.0) methods.

Is this still true in the latest version? Does the latest driver also support reading Timestamp and Quality data?


Citect OPC driver v1.07.00 and later supports OPC DA2 methods of connection.

You need to set the following Citect.ini parameter for this to work -

UseOPC2=value (0=disable, 1=enable, default=0)

Citect OPC driver v1.07.03 and later supports OPC Arrays of length up to 2040 bits and also the reading of TimeStamp and Quality data for either individual tags or whole arrays. See the latest driver documentation with the new version of the driver, for configuration information.

NB: OPC Array support is not the same as INI array support, which was added in an earlier version of the driver, specifically to optimise requests for array data and to read individual elements of arrays.