Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

The restore of a ctbackup.001 archive being migrated forward into a new version of Citect fails with odd "cannot create <filename>.dbf" errors. On the project in question the files were pgtouch.dbf, pgdynobj.dbf, protdir.dbf and pglang.dbf but could be any of the internal citect files. 

This was found to be caused by the setting of the "readonly" attribute on the files in the source project. The readonly attribute was preventing the write into the project directory of the file being restored.

Since the ctbackup.001 file has a proprietary format it cannot opened and manipulated to fix the problem.

You must go back to the original Citect setup,. Open the project directory in the Windows explorer and set all files to "readwrite". Make a fresh backup and use this new backup to migrate the project to the new version of Citect. The files will then be created as expected.