Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

I have had a look through the documentation that comes with the ABRSLINX driver and still cannot get communications. The address field is confusing, what is the correct address? 

Data highway plus addressing is octal whereas Citect addressing is decimal. I.e. 77o=63d.

You have a setup that is not documented. E.g. The Controllogix processor setup in "PLC5 emulation mode". If the processor is in slot 0 of the rack then the correct address is AB:ASA,1.0

An easy way to determine this is to set-up a DDE/OPC topic in RSLinx, select the advanced communication tab and have a look at the address as chosen by RSLinx.

Another example. I have an SLC 5/04 connected to my PC via an older KF2 module. I can see it in RSLinx. Citect has a DH+ address of 0o77 and the KF2 module has a DH+ address of 0o62. The SLC has a DH+ address of 0o02. RSLinx is using the RS232-DF1 driver.

Citect does not have a driver that will connect via the KF2 module, but obviously RSLinx does as it can see the device. As Citect has a driver that communicates to RSLinx, then it would make sense that a communication solution is possible.

If you read the documentation that comes with the driver than it would make sense that the address would be AB:LOCAL/L:50,2. However, this does not work. If you have a look in the DDE/OPC topic in RSLinx then you will see that the 62 has no mention. (NB it 62o=50d) If you then change the address to AB:LOCAL,2 you will find that it communicates.

This is the most reliable method of determining addresses to be used with the ABRSLINX driver.