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Microsoft Corporation will be releasing the next version of its operating system in October 2001 called, Windows XP. Will Citect be supported on this operating system? 

Yes, Citect Obsidian (see KB article Q3418 on "Citect Release Codenames") will be fully supported on Windows XP. Citect V5.40 will have limited support for Windows XP ("limited support" includes some fixes being made available in V5.40 Service Packs and/or the ability to upgrade to Citect Obsidian, which will be fully supported on Windows XP).

Ci Technologies is committed to supporting its products on all new versions of Microsoft's O/S's as they are released. Windows XP is no exception.

What actions are Ci Technologies taking to support Windows XP?

Citect has been designed to avoid, where possible, dependencies on operating system functionality that varies between versions of the operating systems. All new features are designed and tested on all of the operating systems that the Citect version supports. Care is taken to cater for any known O/S differences at design time, which are then verified with Unit testing and Formal testing.

Ci Technologies Testing team is using the latest Windows XP Beta's available from Microsoft under the MSDN program. Testing conducted to date with Citect V5.40 on Windows XP Beta's have not revealed any major issues, and it is anticipated that most users would be able to use V5.40 on Windows XP when the operating system is released. Further testing of Citect Obsidian is being conducted on Windows XP prior to Citect Obsidian's release. Specifically, the testing team currently uses Windows XP as a platform to routinely test NCRs on, and a specific Citect / Windows XP testing schedule that exercises all of Citect's major components and known O/S dependencies will be executed with the release of Windows XP.

Given the number of complex permutations that the Citect software can be used in, there is a chance of some issues will not be found by the Testing team. Ci Technologies therefore attempts to engage people that would be most affected by proposed changes in Citect to verify that Citect meets their requirements. Further, Ci Technologies has a Beta Program to encourage integrators and customers to test Citect in real-world scenarios. This feedback helps Ci Technologies resolve issues before the product is released.

In the event that a Citect / Windows XP related issue occurs in a post-release version of Citect V5.40 or Citect Obsidian, Citect Customer Service will provide assistance in resolving these issues. This may include providing solutions in Hotfix or Service Pack form, or suggestions to work-around the problem.