Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.xx, 4.xx, 5.xx

It is possible to end up with duplicate records in Citect's Alarms list, variable tags list, etc. It is hard to find the duplicates in the Citect Project Editor, but it is necessary to remove them for Alarm Property tags or Plant2Business to work correctly. How can I easily remove the duplicate tags? 

This can be accomplished fairly easily by editing the list (variable.dbf, analm.dbf, digalm,dbf, etc.) in MS Excel using its Advanced Filtering tool.

Open the database in Excel. Go to the Data menu | Filter | Advanced Filter. Select "Filter the list, in-place", and check "Unique records only". Set the list range to A:A (the column containing the tag names).

Excel will now hide (but not delete) any duplicate records. Copy and paste the records to another spreadsheet, and the duplicates will not be transferred.

In the original spreadsheet, go to the Data menu | Filter | Show All to display all rows again.

Delete all the records (except row 1), and paste the list of tags back in below that.

Use the Save_DBF.xls macro as described in the Citect Help Topic: "Saving Database Files in Microsoft Excel" to save the file in the correct format. Then, go to the Citect Project Editor | File menu | and select Pack to update the indexes with your changes.