Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.xx, 4.xx, 5.xx

In the Power Industry there is a requirement to trace switch states in a sequential trace on the summary alarm page. By default Citect shows on time then off time for the alarm on the same summary line. (as most customers want)

How do we make the summary page behave as a sequential trace?

Also we only want to see tripped switches ( open circuit switches ) on the alarm page.

For each switch you use 2 digital tags. One for the off state and one for the on state. The displays are manipulated in the category definitions as in this example...

You will first need to configure Two Categories with different settings

Category 1, Show on Alarm Page = TRUE / Show on Summary Page = TRUE
Category 2, Show on Alarm Page = FALSE / Show on Summay Page = TRUE

Then you configure two Digital Alarm Tags

TAG = Digital1_Alarm
DESC = "Breaker OPEN"
VAR TAG A = Digital1

TAG = Digital1_Alarm
DESC = "Breaker CLOSE"
VAR TAG A = NOT Digital1

Now if you toggle the tag Digital1, you will see one alarm entry for each state the Digital Alarm tag is in. (OPEN or CLOSED). But on the Alarm page you will only see the faulted state which is "Breaker OPEN"