Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

After an upgrade to V5.x, certain pages in a Citect project take a long time to display. This only occurs on some pages and most of the project operates normally. I have a button that calls the page and when I press it the button goes down but then there is a long delay before anything happens. My project is stored on a file server, however when the project is run locally it appears to operate faster.

When viewing those pages on an IDC the same symptom can occur.


On projects that have been upgraded from V3/4 of Citect, look for any animations made up of V3/4 symbols that employ "linking" or "chaining". That is, when you enter -1 into a state field (or you se a "next" button on your symbol form). These animations cause Citect to perform slowly at run time, having to access the symbol file and must be removed to get the page to load up at a normal rate.