Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.40

One way to start the cicode editor is to double-mouse-click on a cicode file from Windows Explorer. If there is no citect.ini file located in the C:\winnt (or equivalent) folder then the cicode editor will fail to start. 

This may occur when you have multiple versions of Citect installed on your PC and place the different citect.ini files in different directories (see the example in the Citect Help).

You can call the cicode editor using a run command with the following syntax:

<path the cicode editor> -i<path to citect.ini file> <path the cicode file to open>

For example,

c:\citect\bin\ctcicode -ic:\citect\citect.ini c:\citect\user\example\

You could also modify your file associations for .ci files in windows explorer to reflect this formula and so avoid a lot of typing.