Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

I wish to communicate to Allen Bradley SLCs using a network of AB NET AIC devices to multidrop to SLC5/03s. I can communicate with the SLCs using RSLinx so the network works. RSLinx is setup using the computer serial port and DH485 protocol. 

You must use Allen Bradley software, RSLinx with Citect's ABRSLinx board driver and ABRSLinx500 protocol driver to talk to the SLC500s via DH485. RSLinx must be activated, OEM version, Part No. 9355 WABOEMENE from Allen Bradley. The Citect setup is;
Boards Form
Board Name: Board1 Anyname
Board Type: ABRSLINX From drop Down List
Address: 0


Ports Form
Port Name: PORT1_RSLINX Anyname
Port Number: 1 Anynumber
Board Name: Board1 From drop Down List
Special Opt: AB_KT-1 [Driver Name from RSLINX Configure]


I/O Devices Form
Name: ABSLC503 Anyname
Number: 1 Anynumber
Address: AB:LOCAL,1 See Citect RSLINX Driver Specs
Protocol: ABRSLINX500 From drop Down List
Port Name: PORT1_RSLINX From drop Down List

Also set the following driver parameter in the Citect.ini:


Note: RSLinx Professional and RSLinx Gateway will also work.