Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.31, 5.40, 5.41

There are several reasons why this error may occur, and the only common bond is they all relate to the Trend System that was rebuilt in 5.31 and up. Here is an itemised list of things that may cause the "Trend Archiving Initialisation Error": 

  1. If the user is using multiple installations of Citect (e.g. v5.31 and v5.40 or higher) on their computer, then they have to make sure that the following CiTrend*.dll files (located in the "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ci Technologies" directory) are the same version as the Citect version currently being used:





You can check this by right clicking on the CiTrend* driver, selecting properties and the version tab.  If you wish to use 2 versions of Citect above v5.31 then you will need to save the separate versions of these files in separate folders and interchange them accordingly.

If you do not have the correct version of the files, follow these steps to restore them:

(a) Delete all the DLL files from C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ci Technologies. Do NOT delete any sub-folders.

(b) Re-install the desired version of Citect

(c) Re-install the Citect service pack that was previously installed (if any)


  1. If the user has trend file names that exceed 31 characters in v5.31 or higher then this can affect the field width size in the Trend.dbf database file, which will produce this error. You can compare the field widths of the Trend.dbf database file residing in your project (located in the "C:\Citect\User" directory) which may not be reflecting the correct field widths of the Trend.dbf file residing in the Include or System projects.
  2. Having the number of files set to -1 in the trend tag form is not supported in Citect; however, it did work before version 5.31.
  3. If there is a redundant trend system, and both trend servers point to the same folder to save trend data (which eliminates the purpose of redundancy), then the "Trend Archiving Initialisation Error" will occur.
  4. If there is not sufficient space on the hard drive, then this error can occur. Try removing all files from the Temp and Temporary Internet Files folders. It may also be helpful to compress rarely used files (i.e. using WinZip) to obtain more hard drive space.
  5. You could have Disk Quotas set up in Windows. To resolve this behaviour, you must either increase the amount of disk space that users can use, or you must disable the Disk Quotas feature by performing the following steps:

    (a) Log on to your system with an Administrator account.

    (b) Click on the My Computer icon on the desktop.

    (c) Right-click on the system drive (usually drive C), and then click on Properties.

    (d) Click on the Quota tab.

    (e) Either increase the amount of disk space available to users by changing the "Limit disk space to" option, or disable the Disk Quotas feature by clearing the "Enable quota management" check box.

"Archiving initialization failure", "Archiving initialisation failure", "The specified procedure could not be found", "ClassFactory cannot supply requested class"