Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.41

Beginning with Citect version 5.41, the following memory debugging parameters have been moved from citect.ini to the Windows registry. 

Beginning with Citect version 5.41 the following debug settings have been removed from Citect.ini and replaced with equivalent keys in the Windows Registry. The keys should be placed in the following location.

For 5.41 to 5.50 - HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CI Technologies\CiDebugHelp\Citect32
For 6.00 onwards - HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Citect\CiDebugHelp\Citect32

Attached to this KB is a registry file; KB355-defaults.txt.  This file contains all the CitectSCADA V6.00+ default registry names and settings saving you time adding them in manually.

To install the registry modifications, download and change the extension to .reg and double click.
This is suitable for CitectSCADA V6.00+ only.

Registry Key Default value Citect.ini Meaning
MemoryMode 0 [Debug]Memory Set the debugging mode.
ReportErrors 1 [Memory] ReportErrors Display errors in a dialog window. OFF=0, ON=1
CrashOnError 0 [Debug] CrashOnError Will force a GPF and DrWatson log when any error is detected
ForceVirtualAlign 0 [Memory] ForceVirtualAlign Force allocations to be aligned on a 4 byte boundary. OFF= 0, ON=1
AllocFromPage 0 [Memory] AllocFromPage When set to 1 memory will be allocated and deallocated in multiples of 64Kbyte. Only active when MemoryMode is set to 0.
LogMemSafeCopy 1 [Debug] LogMemSafeCopy Log an attempt by the MemSafeCopy function to copy more than the allowed number of characters.
TruncateMemSafeCopy 0 [Debug] TruncMemSafeCopy If MemSafeCopy attempts to copy more than the allowed number of characters, truncate to the maximum allowed. OFF=0, ON=1.
Padding 0 [Memory] Pad Pad all memory allocations with the specified number of bytes
HeapCheckRate 5 [Memory] HeapCheckRate Sets the number of seconds between heap checks in MemoryMode 1
StackTraceSize 8 [Memory] MemoryStackTrace Determines how many function calls are stored for each allocation.
MemoryBufferSize 16 [Memory] MemoryBufferSize Size in bytes of the buffer placed before and after each allocation in order to check for overwrites.
HeapCheckInterval 50 [Debug] HeapCheckInterval MemoryMode 32 heap checking rate.
Mode16LowLimit 0 [Debug] Mode16LowLimit Lowest address which can be allocated a protected virtual page. MemoryMode 32 only
Mode16HighLimit  0xffffffff [Debug] Mode16HighLimit Highest address that can be allocated a protected virtual page. MemoryMode 32 only
Mode16StackDepth 16 [Debug] Mode16StackDepth Determines how far up the call stack to search. MemoryMode 32 only.