Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx

I am having trouble using the MailSend function with Outlook 2000. Each time the command is called a prompt appears notifying that a program is trying to send mail and requesting confirmation. That of course is unacceptable. Anybody been through this? Have any ideas?  

The prompt which is displayed by Outlook 2000 is part of the improved security protecting against viruses that Microsoft has added to the product. You need to disable this security check so that the prompt will not be displayed when an external application tries to send mail. See below for a link to the Microsoft web site which explains how you can customise the security of Outlook.

If you cannot get that link to work then try searching for article title of "Customizing the Outlook Security Features Administrative Package".

There is a section in this article which documents the Simple MAPI security settings. These are the settings you want to change to allow Citect to send mail without getting the prompt box.