Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.x 6.x 7.x 

It is possible to display a drop-down list of items in popup genie forms in the Graphics Builder. This is done by defining a genie form file as described in KB article Q1764. That article shows how to display the list of variable tags, but how do you create a custom list of items? 

A custom list of items may be pulled from any databases that are referenced in Citect.frm. The problem is that some of these databases (like help.dbf) may be overwritten when Citect in upgraded and others are used by your project. An easy way to avoid conflicts is to store the list(s) in the Labels table in your Citect project.

For example, define the following three labels:

Label Name: DriveType1
Expression: Conveyor
Label Name: DriveType2
Expression: Pump
Label Name: DriveType3
Expression: Fan

As many labels can be created as desired, as long as the names start with 'DriveType' followed by a unique number. Next, create a genie form file (as described in Q1764) with text like the following:

FORM "Drive";
1: "Type", 32, READWRITE, "Labels", "EXPR","NAME=DriveType*";
"Drive Type {1 }"

This causes Citect to display all the expressions for labels which have names that start with 'DriveType'. So, the drop-down list would include "Conveyor", "Pump", and "Fan". Of course, any valid label name may be used in place of 'DriveType'.