Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

Citect is configured to dial a PLC, but it never dials.

The Modem Log was enabled in the Modem's properties in the Windows 2000 Device Manager. The log file it created, (\Winnt\ModemLog_<ModemName>.txt) listed this error:

Opening the modem device failed with error 00000005

After setting the Citect.ini parameter: [Dial] Debug=1 these errors were displayed in the kernel:

MODEM SERVER Thu May 30 15:36:37 2002 30:39:41.964

LINE_LINEDEVSTAT Device '' Handle (0) Params (400000, 0, 0)

DIAL SCHEDULER Thu May 30 15:36:56 2002 30:40:01.505

Resetting all line device unusable states for Unit 'IODev'.


The Communication Port was not configured correctly in the Citect Project Editor. The port for the remote I/O Device needs to have the Port Number field set to -1 to tell Citect to use the first available configured modem.