Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA
  • CitectHMI

The address string required for the ABRSLINX driver is often complicated to construct. The typical example is where you have a ControlLogix gateway with ethernet and DH+ comms cards. Citect is on the ethernet and the PLC / SLC that you are addressing is on the DH+. 

A typical address in this case is


The confusing parts are L:13 (LinkID) and the 16 (Station number). The other parts of the address are clearly defined in the documentation.

The story is that with RSLinx (and everything else but this driver) the station address is in Octal which is 20. Citect wants this to be in decimal so we should put 16 in this case.

Also the LinkID is the other way around. RSLinx shows it in decimal and our ABRSLINX driver wants it in octal. If 11 is the linkID that you saw in RSLinx Then this should be 13.