Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.42
  • CitectHMI 5.42

How do I get my Multi-Digital Alarms to work in Citect 5.42? 

In fact this is a revival of the old argyle digital alarms (See KB Article Q1737). Hereby some hints & tips to get Multi-digital Alarms to work. In V542 these type of alarms are supported in CitectScada.

State description

To be able to get configured state description on your alarm pages you will have to use the {STATE_DESC} filed. The standard {STATE} field gives you only 'ON State 1' to 'On State '7, and that is not very descriptive.

Alarm suppression group names

Please be aware that this field expects an integer value. So only way to use a name in that field, is by defining a label (that has an integer value). Otherwise you will get a compiler error saying 'bad integer value'.

Alarm suppression

The way this works is that an active alarm of a higher priority (within same suppression group) will suppress the displaying of lower priority alarms in that same suppression group. Alarms with lower priorities will only activate and display when the higher priority alarms become inactive.

This also means that if these two alarms (higher and lower priority) occur at the same time then they will both show up in the alarm lists, since the higher priority alarm was not yet active when the lower priority one occurred, and therefore could not suppress that one. So when configuring the alarm suppression feature, please make sure that indeed a lower priority (follow-up) alarm only can occur in a later alarm scan than the (principal) higher priority alarm.