Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx
  • CitectHMI 5.xx

A user finds that he is able to see all of the alarm fields for several included projects on the server and with a manager node. However, the alarm description field is missing on the display clients. The display client is running a subset of the projects found on the alarm server. The descriptions are missing for a project that is not included on the client. The clients are able to see the alarms, but each description field is blank.  

The root cause of the problem is the use of @(description) to allow for language translations in the description fields. The customer is not currently using this feature but has set up the descriptions to allow this to be used in the future. They need to copy the language dbf file, which in this case is the English.dbf file, from the server to the client. The top level project on the alarm server has the combined descriptions from all projects. The client only has the English.dbf entries for the projects running locally on the client. The upper level English.dbf file is updated when the project is compiled. The alarm descriptions display properly when the top level language database file is copied to the client.