Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 5.xx
  • CitectHMI 5.xx

I have configured Cicode to only update certain DiskPLC I/O tags on the Primary, however it is always trending a value of zero ( 0 ).

My cicode has an IF statement that checks which CitectSCADA PC is the Primary before executing and updating the tag.


    IF ParameterGet("Lan", "Node", "") = "PRIMARY" THEN
        Tag=Tag+1; !Increment
    END !IF

When the tag is viewed on either Primary or Standby the correct value is displayed, suggesting that the cicode and I/O Servers are working correctly.

This tag is then trended but the trend value is always zero.


Trend Tag Name = Tag

Expression = Tag

Trigger =

Sample Period = 00:01:00


Comment = Furnace Increment Tag

File Name = [TREND]:

No Of Files = 12

Period = 1st

How can I get the DiskPLC IO tag to trend correctly?


One of the solutions to this is to check your Citect.INI settings under the [DNS] section. Making sure that your primary and standby parameters contain correct values. It is a common fault to have changed network settings on a PC and not to update the Citect.ini files to match these, then at a later stage when making changes such as this, you may encounter similar issues. In this case simply resetting the primary and standby to 'blank' defaults will solve the issue.