Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA
  • CitectHMI

I do not want to change the DNS settings in every INI file each time we install or change a Server. We have a rather big facility management SCADA application where we are gradually building the system. Each time we install a new I/O Server to this application we have to change the DNS settings in every INI file. KB Articles Q3010, Q3070, Q3629, Q3725 refer to the INI file so I assume that I have to do so.

(In this case it would be better to have a NetBIOS based network but the IT department have decided to run TCPIP sockets, due to Firewalls etc.)


Even though every article and help information refers to the DNS settings in the INI files there is a better way to go. This is to put the settings in the parameter database and if you are using a file server then you only have change once. By the way, why not do this for all parameters that are same? Do not forget to erase these settings in INI file, because they have precedence over the parameter database.