Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

The Citect SFDL driver was originally developed to use the Siemens CP5412A2 ISA card and dynamically linked to the Siemens library file "scilib.dll". This library file was installed by the Siemens DP-5412A2 software from the Simatic NET CD. You can no longer purchase either the CP5412A2 card or the software DP-5412 from Siemens. 

As ISA slots have been phased out on most new PCs, Siemens now only sell the newer CP5613/CP5614 PCI cards as replacement for the obsolete CP5412A2. Unfortunately, the newer CP5413/CP5414 PCI cards have been designed to use a new software called DP-5613 and a new library file. For Citect FDL driver to work with the newer CP5613/CP5614 card, the SFDL driver needs to link into a new Siemens library file called "s7onlinx.dll". This file is installed when you choose the DP-5613 software from the Simatic NET CD and is normally placed in the Winnt\System32 or Windows\System32 folder.

Thus, the Citect SFDL driver version V2.02.01 onwards has been re-designed to work with the CP5613/CP5614 card by default. If you are still using the older and obsolete CP5412A2 ISA card with SFDL driver V2.02.01 and above, you will need to set a new Citect.ini parameter called:


By default, CP5412A2=0 is used. This means the driver is assuming the customer is using the CP5613/CP5614 card and will attempting to load the library file "s7onlinx.dll" for the CP5613/CP5614 PCI card.

If CP5412A2=1 is used, the driver assumes a CP5412A2 is used. It will attempt to load the older "scilib.dll" library file.

NB. If you plan to use Window XP then you will need to use the Siemens Simatic NET V6.1 (for Win XP only), or V6.1.1 which supports both Win2000 and WinXP. For Windows 2000 and Win NT4, use the Simatic Net V6.0. Check the Siemens release notes to see which Windows service packs are required to run these softwares.