Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA

I have a CitectSCADA project in which I have defined 32 I/O Devices, with each I/O Device using 1 unique port. When I started CitectSCADA runtime, everything worked correctly and the devices were online. However, when I added another I/O Device to the project, CitectSCADA reported "Too many channels opened" errors in the kernel.

Does the TIDIRECT driver support more than 32 I/O Devices?


The TIDIRECT driver up to and including V3.00.00.001 only support upto 32 channels. This translates to 32 unique ports in CitectSCADA. Thus, if you are using 1 port per I/O Device then you can only connect up to 32 I/O Devices.

From version V3.00.01.000 onwards, the limit has been increased to 250 channels. This will allow you to connect up to 250 I/O Devices using 1 unique port per I/O Device.